Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Darndest Things

Some recent Clem-isms/ updates from the almost-3 front:

// We were driving down the street and a shirtless runner in shortie shorts sprinted past us:  "He running! He wear panties like me!"

// She loves jigsaw puzzles. It started with a puzzle of Jerusalem my in-laws sent after their recent visit. She memorized how to put it together. Now she's working daily (WILL YOU DO THE PUZZLE WITH ME?) on a 4 puzzle Melissa & Doug kit.

// Favorite books: Fern Hollow (only as read by Daddy); The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses ('Wile Horses!); Dragons Love Tacos; Biscuit's First Halloween

// She was draping the covers over me and patting my back - 'GOODNIGHT, MOMMY - I TUCK YOU IN!' My left arm was over my head so she carefully guided it down to my side and said: "I tuck in your armpit."

// Lately she prefaces statements with I GOTTA [do whatever]. Very high drama. 'I gotta hug him! I gotta read Dragons Love Tacos!' Regarding the puzzle, we say "Work on your puzzle" and when puzzle time concludes for dinner or bedtime, she'll plead I GOTTA WORK IT! I GOTTA WORK IT!

When we arrived home from a coffee date, she turned to the babysitter she's fond of and told her matter of factly: You gotta leave.

// As we drive around, she identifies many vehicles: sports car, taxi cab, school bus. "TAXI CAB!!!"

// Phrase Most Likely To Be Adopted Into Family Vernacular:

We all had food poisoning a few weeks ago. She vomited at night and in the morning had diarrhea. Peering into the toilet at the very unfamiliar loose stools she exclaimed: My bottom is sick!

// Gems from Florida:

As we drove the few blocks looking for the house where brunch was being held (where is the party? we joked), C changed the words of 'God Our Father' [tune is Frere Jacques], singing in the backseat:

God of party
God of party
Where are you? Where are you?
Fun fun fun fun fun fun
Fun fun fun fun fun fun
Fuu-uh-uuun fuuu-uh-uuuun

This is when she became enamored of the 'miniwan' and talked all about the mini-wan back at school and zilch about the beach.

Luke: (walking down the starlit street to dinner) Look at all those stars in the sky.
Clem: I don't want a star, I want a horse.
Luke: ?

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