Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Wanna Dance Again

My mom was here for two weeks and I only have this picture! Boo!

After my mom left we had to muddle through until Luke's return from Virginia. On Friday evening we went to the Living Nativity because it was beginning as I picked them up from school. The camel was a big hit.

The next day was C's dance recital. Josie was squirming and squealing in the carrier (loves to be carried but not in the carrier) so I didn't get any video of the dancing. C got her bearing during the tap number and followed along really well with ballet.

Here she is helping to coax her friend on stage; this little boy is practically the most important person in her life -- she talks about him all the time.

After the ballet number the older girls took the stage but C did not heed instructions to sit down -- instead she announced I WANNA DANCE AGAIN to her teacher and the crowd. 

After naps we went to the Holiday Hangout and potluck at my gym. C jumped in the bounce house for 1.75 hours and people said, she'll be really tired out!

But they don't know her.

Watching Daniel Tiger. I'm wearing my green pants of course.

Just lounging.

This is the last of about 30 rapid fire photos C took as Josie careened toward her.

And that's the latest from my phone camera roll!

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