Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday in the Park

Monday: I insisted on going to a sushi place near us in the 60 minutes before Luke's rehearsal because I really needed a shrimp tempura roll. The service took forever and we ended up getting it to go and eating $40 worth of sushi hovering over our kitchen island. Fast forward four hours to Luke getting food poisoning. Which I don't realize until the morning because I am a very.sound.sleeper.

Tuesday - Friday: Luke giggin'. Julie contrite about food poisoning episode. C works on waving and saying buh-bye, buh-bye. She also seems very close to turning doorknobs.

Saturday: Planned family day - C and I went to the Y [aside: my one chance to channel surf and land on the Food Network -- why is Trisha Yearwood's show always on? Maybe I don't like Trisha's Southern Kitchen because I hate gravy and she is ALWAYS making some kind of gravy]. After my 30 minute 3.4 mph amble concluded (any faster than that and the round ligament pain starts -- on the right side, the same as before. I have an ipsilateral 4 cm paratubal cyst, I wonder if that's the culprit. Filing in the bulging accordion folder of 'things I'll never know').

We stopped at Central Market for picnic lunch supplies, got cleaned up, and drove to Morgan's Wonderland for the afternoon. [I volunteered here in 2011]. As soon as we arrived C fell asleep so we read magazines in the car for an hour. With everyone rested and caught up on the New Yorker, it was off to enjoy the perfect weather - overcast and about 70 degrees. MW is immaculately clean, state of the art, and almost vacant. I have no idea why it isn't the busiest park in SA. The next stop was a craft beer festival on the Riverwalk but we were soon chased away by a no-shade situation.

Sunday: Luke played a Spurs pregame show at the AT&T Dome (this Sunday was a convergence of SA enthusiasms: the Spurs, Easter, and 420) and I took C for a stroll on my favorite stretch of the Riverwalk from Pearl Brewery to the north part of downtown. Later in the day I was stricken by some sort of terrible GI illness, providing karmic symmetry to our week.

All very glamorous, I know. Wishing you a great week, friends!

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