Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Clementine at 14 Months

Teeth count: 2 and holding. She's had just two teeth for four months.

Favorite foods: Oranges and clementines. Avocados. Yogurt. She doesn't refuse too much except for the pouch purees like 'barley, kale, and spinach' -- which, admittedly, are disgusting.

Funny things: My mom taught her to say "MMMMMMMMM!" when eating. Lately when I pick her up at daycare she runs over to me, stops short, and then goes over to and gestures to her bag of stuff (sippy cups, jacket), as if telling me not forget it. The weird part is that she doesn't want anything out of the bag and she doesn't do anything similar with my purse or the diaper bag in another setting.

She and Luke have a morning ritual - he picks her up and takes her over to the closet door, the inside of which houses a full-length mirror. She squeals with anticipation and he flings open the door - WHERE'S CLEMENTINE?!! - and she dissolves in laughter. (Repeat x at least 3).

She is: Very fast! She can really careen around now.

Interests: Flushing the toilet, inspecting the nightstand for phone/glasses/magazines to rip up, taking shoes and socks off when confined to car seat and stroller (that's not new).

Because she ignores toys: I put her new instruments on the kitchen island shelves among the items she is interested in - box of garbage bags, cookbooks - and it seems to be working. So far the wave drum and xylophone have generated interest.

We're down: to one bottle at night. She flat out refuses to drink anything except water from a sippy cup/cup with a straw (we have tried about seven models) and even then not very much. [Exceptions: lemonade and milkshakes]

Sleeping: She regularly sleeps twelve hours starting around 7 or 8 pm - bottle, book, and she fusses in the crib for about 2 minutes or less. Then, out. She is more tired on weekdays because of all the play and interaction at school.


Luke loves this 'smiling through the tears' expression
Feeding herself a pouch

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