Monday, March 31, 2014


Sunday was Siclovia, a huge community fitness event in which a long segment of city street is cordoned off for cyclists, pedestrians, dancers, music, vendors. The projected attendance was 70,000! Like most of our fitness events we started with treats (chocolate and coconut creme doughnuts from Bakery Lorraine, some kind of Sriracha salad (for him) and sausage po'boy (for the hers) from The Monterey, deliciousssssss!)

It was a beautiful day -- about 80 degrees, so pleasant we were fooled and now have sunburns on our feet, hands, and necks. Luke is already rueful about this because he knows it means I will be even more SPF-zealous all summer long. (Are you wearing sunscreen? Do you need some sunscreen? Are C's feet covered??!!)

The bump is a nice shelf for holding toddlers.

Event organizer Andrew at the pachanga

Lynnwood King - such a rock star!

 How photogenic is this guy?

Dios de los Gatos t-shirt stand

Heading south on St Mary's Street:

Best hair of the day.

 Learning the robot:

Time for a funnel cake cupcake from WhipStitch Custom Cakes by a giant pig.

Vintage tandem bike

That evening Luke played the Block so we headed home in between events for a nap. I made rigatoni with meat sauce in the pressure cooker (review of the P.C. forthcoming) and when C awoke we drove out to catch the second set. And friends were there! Such a fun day.

Judy and C at the beanbag toss

THE REST OF THE WEEKEND: Luke played a gig in Austin on Friday so I had a quiet night getting groceries, roasting some Korean BBQ chicken for the week, and watching Before Sunrise (have never seen the trilogy). On Saturday we went to the Y, the farmers' market at Pearl where we ran into some friends and got to catch up, and the dreaded Babies R Us for a new stroller and car seat. Poor C has been stuck in the recumbent stroller and cranes her neck to look around... at last we bought an upright stroller and she seems to love looking around (finally, she would add). I made a late dinner of Asian-style boneless beef ribs in the pressure cooker and we watched Louis C.K. on SNL and listened to a bit of musical guest Sam Smith's album (an amazing voice but the recordings don't do it justice).

It was a grand weekend and with a trip to St Louis and Fiesta events around the corner, springtime in SATX is going to be so fun!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm sad we missed it (was hosting my 9yo's birthday party at the same time). I'm glad they moved it to Southtown. What color and flair that must have added to the event. I wonder if it will stay down there?

    1. It was our first one and it was great! So many people but didn't seem crowded.