Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rodeo and So Much More

Had a fantastic (hashtag* childfree hashtag relaxing hashtag sexytimes) weekend in Houston courtesy of Luke's manager who gave us backstage access to the rodeo entertainment -- I've seen behind the curtain, folks, and there is a lot of booze and candy bars back there -- and my parents who drove from St Louis to watch the C-bear. And deliver new-to-us sofas from their house!

On the drive we listened to a fun podcast I discovered earlier that day - Pop Culture Happy Hour - and just caught up.

Friday night we saw the fabulously talented pianist and singer Nick Greer at the Corkscrew

Saturday: Brunch at the Empire Café then a movie in the theater for the first time in 14 months -- Grand Budapest Hotel. It left me pretty lukewarm... Wes Anderson's movies for me are like looking into a diorama or elaborate toy train set up and I marvel at the fanatical attention to detail and craft - imagine the tiny paintbrushes!!! and forget about the story being told.

Italian toast followed by...

A sundae with a face provided for scale

Rodeo times!

The view from backstage

Bumps in stripes


The bullriding took place at the opposite end of the arena

We were back in SATX by 12:30 on Sunday. My mom and I went out to Boerne for some kid's consignment shopping (bust) and then to La Cantera aka The Fancy Mall for lunch at my all-time favorite restaurant, a place I haven't been in ages, say it all together now, the Nordstrom Bistro. Oh how I love the Nordstrom Bistro. Then we shopped a bit, I resisted buying this and this with these onesies! but will probably, so cute. That evening I got a long-overdue pedicure (my feet had taken on an ungulate quality, now restored to presentability), a nice cap to already great weekend.

I wish I had more time with my parents but trips to STL are just around the corner!

*in praise of the hashtag as 'fledging art form'

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