Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This & That: Mostly Media Edition

On the Oscar movie catch-up front,  Dallas Buyers Club was excellent. It had some beautiful moments (the butterfly scene, if you've seen it). Waiting on 12 Years a Slave. Other Netflix picks: I really enjoyed the unusual approach and subject matter of Stories We Tell and Mitt was an even-handed documentary about Mitt Romney and his family. They are likable, earnest folks even though he can't totally shake the automaton image.

My office crock pot is awesome...until I spilled 20 oz of piping hot broccoli cheese soup everywhere - so take it from me, keep the bowl in the warming vessel during transport and consumption. Be an office hermit and enjoy a warm homemade lunch al desko.

Despite attending a ginormous state university, Greek life is still a mystery to me and Caitlin Flanagan's Atlantic article confirms all of my preconceived notions (if you are involved in higher ed or have an older kid you might be interested.)

I needed my CV revamped and have zero word-processing skills so Luke suggested Elance.com.  I made my proposal and within a few hours had several bids. So far so good, my CV should be ready this week. If you need online work done this seems like a great resource.

What a great American

The Lego movie is so meta! (And this essay so well-written) [NYT magazine]

And, cute sheets and toys (I wonder if C would be fooled by this phone) and so many other things I need to browse at Biscuit Home, perhaps when we go to the Houston rodeo later this month! Yeehaw!


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