Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stuff About Stuff and Being Stuffed Up

For the past 10 days I've had terrible sinus congestion - runny nose, facial pain, a constant low grade headache, never feeling rested, being testy and crabby all day ughhhhhhhh. This and weekend travel have interfered with My Big Plans for March in which I would ruthlessly pare down my closet and beauty product/linen closet -- getting pretty fed up with myself buying more floss only to discover a multi pack from Costco shoved under some bottles of conditioner. Our household runs pretty loosey-goosey organizationally and we just barely manage at the moment but I predict it will fly off the rails when Two arrives if some changes aren't instituted.

When my mom was here (post forthcoming) I finally sorted through my makeup and threw out everything not used, too sparkly, expired, etc, probably totaling about $500, a ridiculous and disgusting number for someone who barely wears makeup.

On to some recent shareables:

Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner, incredibly, does make my hair look and feel fuller ($24, $26).

Mom and I got little samples of this Armani CC cream ($50) and I already love it. Applying with $8 Ecotools brush from Walgreens makes me feel downright frugal.

The texture of this lipstick is divine ($32).

So far this post has been about being aghast at throwing out so many cosmetics and then buying outrageously expensive new ones (?) Do not accuse me of the inability to hold two conflicting beliefs simultaneously. But the Big Plans for March hinge on paring down to a very few high quality items in hair/skin care, handbags (actually I'm very into leather backpacks - hands free! - and have been stalking vintage Coach and Dooney & Bourke bags on Etsy), and clothing (tunic - leggings - booties). At the moment I feel suffocated by stuff (stuffocated?) and just want to awake (able to breath through my nose) in my austere home with few, well-loved clothing options, corralled and curated beauty products, and shoes that I actually wear taking up space in my closet.

Anyone else paring down or have elaborate spring cleaning plans?


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  1. So many things to say about this post! I used a Neti Pot when I was stuffed up and preggo with E. It worked okay, not as well as all my friends promised, but it was meds-free and semi-effective. My cousin uses B&B, too - two rave reviews means I must.have.some. Have been in the market for new shampoo anyway. I pared down my toiletries and now don't have enough stuff (out of nighttime moisturizer, under-eye cream, hand cream) - so beware the OVER-purge. My closet has needed a good clean-out for sometime, but it's hard when in the cycle of not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant but nursing, i.e. my life for the last four years.