Saturday, March 1, 2014

Clementine at 13 Months

Tooth count: Holding steady at 2.

Stats: 18.5 lb and 29.5 inches at her 12 month well baby visit three weeks ago. She's small but fast.

Interests: Emptying shelves, baskets, and drawers. Gaining possession of phone, remote control, and the retractable badge holder that I store in my backpack but she manages to find.

Goals: Figuring out how to open pantry and refrigerator. Very interesting stuff in there.

Words: She had hi but lost it ... says Da? Da?! DA! in association with Luke more often.

Will follow these instructions: "Clap your hands!" and "Can you dance?" [moves head from side to side]. Just learned giving a hug.

New thing: Dangling sippy cup/cereal/banana to the side of the high chair tray and then dropping them while maintaining uninterrupted eye contact with you.

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