Saturday, March 1, 2014


This week Luke and I took our first solo trip since the arrival of La Clementina. Walking around uptown Minneapolis felt very much like his old neighborhood of Wicker Park and dare I say a little pre marriage pre baby carriage magic was recaptured? We would have more photos but it was too cold to fumble with gloves and camera. With the Battle of the Bands victory (a lot of rehearsal time in the days before) and my presentation at the university completed (such an honor), our mutual preoccupations of the preceding weeks were behind us and we enjoyed time with each other and a great visit with friends. I am looking forward to a relaxing March - I often become very myopic when A Very Important Task Is At Hand and it occupies my thoughts even when I'm not working on it and a sort of stress-cloud forms, which I envision like that one Peanuts character.

Yesterday Luke provided the music for a marriage retreat with several speakers, the choicest soundbite being "A marriage without Jesus is like two ticks with no dog." (Not from the Song of Solomon, I'm guessing). Today we got in a little gym time (have you seen this rope climber before? I found it today and my shoulders are gonna huuuuurt) and I devoted the afternoon to restocking the larder, baking lemon blueberry muffins (I like every weekend to have a baking project), and soothing a cranky toddler with a very runny nose. My two goals for the weekend are to cull my cosmetics cache and my wardrobe -- each of these should take about an hour and decrease the stress-cloud to near-invisibility but then I think, wait, I could just! So I do that instead.

Actually, gonna do that now. Hope you are having a great weekend, over and out!


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