Monday, March 17, 2014

Palm Springs

A while ago Amy, Jenny, and I decided to have a Retro Weekend in Palm Springs -- I think I was reading a lot of Joan Didion, or it had to do with Mad Men but Palm Springs it was! We rented this house on for midcentury flair. [My first Airbnb experience -- fabulous -- can't wait to do it again]

Our flight to LA with the C-baby was pretty uneventful, though the hoped-for nap didn't happen. Jenny and Amy picked us up at the airport and then it was off to PS, experiencing two of LA's most notable features on the way: heavy traffic and In-N-Out (my request).

The house was so great!

Jerome joined us in the evening and Amy grilled steak and veggies outside. Then bourbon for some and ginger ale for others by the fire pit.

On Saturday we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for views of the valley -- it was ninety degrees at the bottom and fifty-five at the top with some stubborn snow.


Saturday afternoon was for pool lounging.

And poolside Cheerios.

Saturday night was for ribs from The Cowboy Way.

On Sunday morning a frantic search took place for Luke's keys, gone completely missing. Well, as I had allowed Clementine play with them, they couldn't be more than 20 inches off the ground. The furnishings were very modern and spare with hardly any wad-of-key hiding places. [Julie's panic level rises] Then Jerome realized the only thing that had left the house was the bag of trash from the sans-lid kitchen trash can... and yes the keys were in the trash outside so well-played, Clementine, on a most excellent hiding place and kudos Jerome for rescuing us from about 6 different I-need-new-keys-to-[x] errands.

On our way out of town Luke ate this burger with equal parts gusto and resignation at Hamburger Mary's and the table shared a famous Palm Springs date shake.

C refused to sleep at lunch, in the car to the airport, in the airport... we were dreading an epic meltdown aloft. Miraculously she was just her squirmy playful self for the 1 hr 45 minute flight to El Paso and conked out the rest of the way to SATX. Sighs of relief all around.

A fabulous, wonderful, relaxing weekend catching up and I have already started scouring Airbnb for our next adventure, destination Pacific Northwest. And I already miss these faces.

AND Amy is quoted in this month's Cosmopolitan magazine!


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