Saturday, March 29, 2014

To Bake


OF COURSE I follow the America's Test Kitchen Pinterest boards. The recipes aren't always linked and if they are, not permanently. I grabbed these screenshots and can't wait to bake up these beauties.

Margarita cheesecake. Just add pool party.

Chocolate snowball cake. This is nostalgic for me because 1) snowballs are something my grandfather and dad would buy at a gas station -- 2) and after so much study and planning and Sturm und Drang surrounding the MCAT, I forgot that the dormitory cafeteria would not be open for breakfast that early on a Saturday so, frantic, I gathered up my laundry quarters (are they still using those in dorm laundries? Or are the kids using Bitcoin or something?) and ate the only available food before the test - raspberry Zingers from the lobby vending machine.

Chocolate layer cake recipe here and below. Happy baking!

To print out this page, click the green box at the bottom left of the page.

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