Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring in St Louis!

This weekend C and I traveled to St Louis for a perfect combination of professional development and friends and family time. An afternoon flight meant some daycare time for C and brunch at Magnolia Pancake Haus for us - we've never been because the wait is 1.5 hours + on the weekend. Weekday brunch, such a treat! I'm never out and about on a weekday so it always feels hooky-ish and fun. When we picked her up she was asleep on her mat -- we are amazed they can get her to do this.


After an uneventful flight (besides wrangling 20 lbs of squirm), my parents and I had dinner with my Aunt Jane and then continued on to Washington. On Friday I presented a slide session to the residents of my training program and then popped over to the History Museum to catch up with Amanda and meet Becky, on a playdate with their sons at the fabulous History Clubhouse. [There are a bunch of incredible kids' activities in the Lou and Becky* has a calendar here] To paint a picture of this glorious spring day (I don't have any pictures because I was having too much fun relaxing and visiting and just being with friends), this afternoon involved:

// perfect spring weather -- blooming trees everywhere
// pulled pork-on-a-cornmeal-waffle lunch at Melt 
//  treats from Whisk
//  picked up this onesie from Tiny Little Monster
//  I tried to hit up many STL favorites and places I've missed out on!

*A very St Louis story. I heard about Becky's blog from a friend who works at Wash U (hi Trish!) - at the time former St Louisan Becky lived in Washington DC but then she wrote that her family was returning to St Louis. I thought that Amanda and Jackie - who have sons of the same age as Becky - would get along swimmingly with her so I mentioned her and her blog to Amanda and Jackie while Skype-brunching and said you gotta meet her!... and it turned out that Jackie already knew her! Now they are all (re)connected and play-dating and such, and it's so St Louis.

On Saturday I volunteered at the CAP See, Test, Treat event in which women who otherwise would not have access undergo Pap testing (with same day results and treatment, if needed) and mammograms. Here I am at the lung cancer booth at the accompanying health fair showing a slide of lung cancer to a participant.


On the left is the amount of sugar in ONE SERVING of common foods like Mountain Dew and Teddy Grahams; blob of fat; on the right, amount of fat in fries, Snickers, Big Mac, etc. WOWZA!

From left: very enlarged heart, normal aorta, atherosclerotic aorta, normal fist-sized heart

My former labmates screening Paps:
So good to see these folks!

After the event I picked up sandwiches at Mom's Deli in my old neighborhood and headed over to Tom and Amanda's for MY PARTY! They hosted, Paul & Stacey whipped some some crazy delicious food (=cooked like crazy for two hours while the rest of us noshed and chatted -- thanks Jorwehes!) Again not nearly enough pictures but I was just happy being with my people.

Paul and the bacon

Not pictured: lamb burgers and bacon-stuffed beef burgers

guys I just took your engagement picture in one shot. BAM! I know a lot of cute people but these two are definitely the cutest.

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, C chased Heidi the fox terrier:


I pet you
Dragged this tiny chair into a corner:

 And Heidi finally found refuge:

Looking forward to another visit in May! See ya then STL!

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