Saturday, May 20, 2017


My mom and I took the girls to the Botanical Garden on a rainy Easter morning (Luke was in Texas). We explored the new-to-me children's garden - it's incredible! The girls have been wearing these swim dresses + rash guards nonstop including three consecutive days this week. Josie's juuuust fits her so I think I'll buy the larger size for the rest of the summer (the jackets run bigger than the dresses).

We didn't make brunch plans but fortunately the garden's Cafe Flora had availability.

Josie dipped every bite of her waffle into the shot glass of syrup. Brunch level: expert.

Easter party at Aunt Ruth and Aunt Jane's! Josie with her cousin -

The gang, including three four year olds born within three months of each other!

Then the girls were off to my parents' for my week of call (and no Luke around for part of it).

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