Sunday, May 28, 2017


A collection of the funny (or not so funny) things they've said and done recently.

// Clementine, holding aloft a purple bra after rummaging through my lingerie basket: "Did you know Josie got dis bra in the potty? And Daddy put water on it and got it clean." (No, no I didn't.)

// Clementine, skeleton-obsessed and looking pensively out the car window: "Snowmans don't have bones, do they?"

   ...shows me her scraped elbow: CAN YOU SEE MY BONES?

// Watching the opening credits of Land Before Time:

Josie: A jellyfish!
Clementine: (reproachfully) No, it's a swimming dragon!

// Clementine looked at this illustration from I Dissent and said, "she's holding her hand the wrong way." -- this pose is awkward and doesn't really make sense.

// Declan, the Boy at School. SIGH. We started hearing about him a few months ago.

C: (upon finding a butterfly barrette) Will you put this in my hair... I think Declan will be at school tomorrow.
Me: Why do you want to wear this barrette?
C: Because if I look pretty he will like me.
Me: (aghast, sees the toxicity in Disney princess movies)

C: Declan built a pirate ship and I nodded (pantomimes how she nodded vigorously and smiled widely in approval) and then I played dress-up and he said I looked beautiful. And then we danced and the big blocks were our stage.

// Learning to fist bump:

// Breakfast of cold pizza: Josie leans over to Clementine, taps the slices in their hands together and says: CHEERS.

// I was lying on the floor and Clementine began to "measure" me; "I'm measuring how many angers [acres] you are," she said, referencing the paragraph and illustration below in Saint George and the Dragon, a book we had not read in a while:

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