Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crazy Week

I began making notes for this post but then it became crazy weekS and maybe that will just be the title of every post for the foreseeable future. (Foreseeable future - what a laughable idea).

After spending one day dealing with car issues upon our return from Italy, I went to work on Wednesday. Because we flew overnight to Europe, I had almost no jet lag upon arrival. I thought I had outsmarted jet lag on the return as well, but Wednesday afternoon found me exhausted and out of sorts. I had a chance to take it easy during the evening but not Luke -- his bandmates arrived from Texas and they went into rehearsal, songwriting, and show mode.

Careened into this weekend:

Got up early on Saturday to shoot some photos with Mary Noel for her new ingenious venture, Get Gorgeous! I had photos for my own side gig (so side it doesn't even exist yet) at 11 with Lindsey - with some time in between, I called Jenny, who was free for some brunch and plant shoppin' at Bowood Farms.

Sunday was Mother's Day and Luke and the guys went to Columbia for a gig. The girls and I went to the gym and to Nordstrom for lunch and an appointment with my personal shopper Christine to see if a dress needed alteration. A babysitter came over in the afternoon to allow me some time at work.

On Tuesday the band left for Cincinnati, Iowa City, and Omaha. It was a busy week for me, getting the girls to school by 7:15 and taking C to her dance and swim lessons in the evening. Solo bedtime duty is also difficult for me: I've been up since forever, at work all day, trying to play and emotionally engage with the girls in the evening, and then the one thousand bedtime demands/stalling techniques begin. SERENITY NOW.

Friday morning: woke up to a beeping sound at 5:22 am: POWER OUTAGE. I got the girls dressed in the semi darkness, grabbed the expensive stuff from the freezer, and went to work. The power didn't turn back on until 8 pm and the next morning I threw out everything in the refrigerator.

Friday evening was Clem's dance recital and Luke surprised us there (between gigs in St Louis, after driving in from Omaha):

Saturday: grocery trip #1 to replenish fridge contents, worked out at the gym with my trainer, ordered Costco delivery from laptop while at the gym (what an amazing service!), grocery trip #2, to work to catch up. Kid hand off: Luke and the guys went to a gig, I watched Medici: Masters of Florence.

Sunday: guys go to Chicago. Girls and I go to gym and Nordstrom for lunch, visit the carousel.

Monday: C's conjunctivitis spreads to her other eye. With Luke out of town until 4 pm, I bring her to my office. She informs my colleagues that "my name is Clementine and I have pink toenails" and I try to get some work done...

I had to take her with me to the gross room (where specimens are processed) to look at a gallbladder.

C: What is that?!
Me: It's a part of somebody's body. A gallbladder. It's near your stomach.
Me: No, you don't even need it! (makes hasty exit)

Luke picks up the girls and I go back to work to finish up.

Tuesday: Luke takes C to her final dance lesson, I take Josie swimming (and then go back to work). A THEME EMERGES...

Wednesday, dinner at Jenny's: Mom's Deli sandwiches (even better than we remember) and caprese salad and tiny strawberries with the tomatoes and fruit portion of my spring farm share.

Clementine: Remember when we saw that part of someone's body? The green one?

Thursday: I attended the opening of Mary Noel's business and Luke had a gig - my mom, in town briefly between her European river cruise and Grandbaby Birth Watch in Colorado, took the girls to dinner.

Friday: Luke played in Clayton; the girls and I watched Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron which is kind of dark (animal abuse, threatened gun violence) and has a horrible Bryan Adams soundtrack. In what was the norm in San Antonio and is becoming the norm here, Luke arrived home around 2:30 am and I left before 7 am...

Saturday: my day to work (scheduled, not catch up). Luke walked the girls to a bakery and a nearby playground.

Josie's face...

Kid hand off: Luke played a cocktail hour at the art museum. We made cookies, watched Spirit again ("it's not scary, Mommy, it's just a bonfire that the man lays by to get warm" -- apparently C was only worried about the campfire scene), and I made meals for the week.

Fam time for the rest of the long weekend!

Going to enjoy this weekend before the band arrives again and then a week of call... 

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