Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Carousel

🌅 Breakfast with her octopus. We made from-a-can cinnamon rolls when Clementine woke up.

 🍴 We went to the gym and then Nordstrom for lunch. Octopus waited in the stroller.

💸 Hanna Andersson had a big summertime sale - I bought coverups and more swim stuff. Planning to focus on swimming this summer instead of dance.

🎠 I had promised the girls all week that we would visit the carousel this weekend. They had a much better time than this video captured. 

🚁 I wanted to take them to the adjacent playground but it was too busy, too much climbing, and mostly I couldn't keep an eye on both of them. Back to the car.

🎯 Went to Target for splash pad shoes, bought all this stuff. I was laughing with the clerk about how many unplanned purchases there were and she said, "You have only yourself to blame."

Verily, madam, verily.

🐙 Watching Moana with octopus. Will be interesting to see if this cephalopod has usurped Horsey's status as Number #1 Lovey permanently.

💅 Mani/pedis.


🎒 Finished up the weekend by packing the swim bag, the gym bag, the sparkling-water-and-snacks-for-my-office bag, and watching Medici: Masters of Florence on Netflix. Terrible show. Luke's show schedule slows down next week so perhaps a routine will emerge! What are your summer plans? I need to put some thought into the things I'd like to accomplish in this travel-free stretch. 

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