Monday, May 29, 2017

I'm Writing A Story About Us

"What are you doing on your computer, Mommy?"
"I'm writing a story about us."

🏮 Gym time and lunch at Tai Ke. Delicious!!! We can't wait to go back. C loved the sausage and the noodles and Josie loved the chicken (pounded thin and fried and so good) and fried rice. My favorite was the pork belly in a so-soft steamed bun.

🍪 A brief stop at Nordstrom to get a pair of pants hemmed. Luke circled in the parking lot but texted me "Clem has to pee!" so I plucked her from the car for a potty (and cookie) run.

🍺 Schlafly's Art Outside event in Maplewood. I preordered a dress from my friend Allyson's new collection which I plan to wear this summer like C is wearing the striped dress below (four days in a row, "BECAUSE IT TWIRLS"). 

A little bit of the Sleepy Rubies until the sky looked ominous and we headed to the car.

🏡 Home for relaxing. Dinner on the picnic blanket downstairs watching Pocahontas.

Clementine, hearing a familiar phrase in the movie: Pocahontas is the daughter of the village chief, like Moana!

HEY WAIT! Other similarities:
 -- wistful allegorical song about a body of water: Just Around the Riverbend / How Far I'll Go
 -- two animal sidekicks: raccoon and hummingbird / HeiHei and Pua
 -- important necklace
-- father who won't let you have an adventure...

🍅 Dinner was caprese salad with farm share tomatoes and basil from the porch. I could eat this everyday.

💩 And, recorded here for milestones - we're making potty training progress!

👯 Caught this sweet little moment:


🚙 A long morning in the kid room of the dealership because we bought a minivan! Somehow it took over four hours to give them so much money.

⛖⛖🍖 Took our new ride out to my parents' house for a visit and Sugarfire bbq on the river.

🐲 Planet Earth 2: horde of snakes chase a sea-going iguana baby. Total nightmare fuel. Don't worry - this one ends well, with the iguana reunited "wif his fam-a-wee."

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