Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trying to Magic

Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?
Jane Austen

Saturday: massage at 8 am (I should always start out this way!); workout with Courtney; home to pick up these turkeys -->

for lunch at Nordstrom (why there? Because the girls know what to expect, I know what to expect, and it's fun) and off to the carousel. The kind salespeople at the Jo Malone counter put bows in the girls' hair and lip gloss on Josie, who sat PERFECTLY STILL for its application and upon inspecting herself in the mirror said, "I yike dis yip-dick. So spark-a-wee."

That night I mistakenly offered a ice cream incentive and when I remembered we'd had a cookie earlier in the day and revoked the ice cream idea, C had a meltdown and came up with a rather elegant solution:

C: When I go poo poo, that poo poo will be the cookie and then I can have ice cream!

Me: That's not how it works...

C: (30 minutes later, gesturing to "the evidence") See, that's the cookie! Now I can have ice cream! (Hysterics continue).

Morning conversations:

Gym. Wanted poolside lunch but the concession stand didn't open until 11:30. C requested grilled cheese so it was off to Sugarfire for all the pickles Josie could eat and next door for that ice cream, where I tried to get a cute picture...

Dropped Luke off for his gig in Clayton (ultimately cancelled for rain) and we headed to the Butterfly House (became members) and the carousel (became members).

Left with these treats: bubbles and a magic wand...

I wanted to buy organic fruit for the week but not knowing whether Whole Foods has double carts (doubting it and opting for Known Environments Always), we went to Target for food and sundries for the new car (Kleenex, wipes, cheapie sunglasses, sunscreen, etc). Facing each other in the leviathan double cart, they giggled and laughed and only swiftly kicked each other for brief bursts and Clementine told Josie all about her new favorite word/phenomenon: DIARRHEA. ("It's when your poo poo is big.")

Luke's gig was cancelled and he and the guys were home early. I made meals for the week (pork tenderloin, roasted green beans and Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce) and the girls ate 1/3 of the steak skewers I'd planned to have for dinner this week. Sometimes they love steak.

Laundry. Handmaid's Tale. The Packing of the Many Bags. And we were off again.

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