Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Goals

A check-in with my 2017 resolutions and a list of of what I want to accomplish this summer:

How have I done with December's plans? The good:

// I've been great about working out with Courtney because I love working out with Courtney!

// I took swimming lessons! Five of them. Decided swimming simply wasn't enjoyable enough to pursue with my little free time. And I don't like the chlorine, the wet hair afterwards ... obstacles.

// I purchased a monthly massage membership this month, finally. Really thought this resolution would have been a breeze.

// I have been pretty good about cooking; so much depends on how much Luke and I are each around on a given week. I've happened upon a meal that the girls love: prepared meatballs with Kirkland marinara. I shake a half-bag of frozen meatballs into slow cooker and pour over a jar of marinara. Heat. Serve. I wish it were homemade but I'm thrilled they're eating protein, the sauce has no added sugar, and that the components are always in the pantry and freezer means I'm rarely caught without dinner options. I round out their meals with berries, mango, green beans, guacamole/avocado (Josie), and, recently, hard-boiled eggs (again, for Josie - she's the more adventurous eater though she doesn't like the yolk - "no yike the goat [the yolk]".)

// We have hosted brunches with friends and playdates and that's been great. I've extended invitations to makers in the community I want to get to know but no dinners have materialized.

// Amanda and I were on a roll with our Monthly Cultural Event but Life Interceded. I hope to resume these soon! Next up: floating.

// I've read six books this year, my stated goal being one per month, but my real goal is 25 books this year - 2 a month plus an extra. Sounds so manageable! Both ahead and behind here. Bogged down in the second book of the Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam trilogy and I'm giving up! Moving on to Jim Harrison's memoir A Really Big Lunch - I can already tell I'm going to love it.

In the haven't category:

// Haven't lost 20 pounds. Boo. In fact, I've gained weight! Double boo! 

// Haven't been doing the Shoot Along photography course. Have been saving the emails.

// Was doing great scheduling my hair appointments in advance but here I am again, in need of color/cut/straightening, going to have to wait weeks because Luke is out of town and then I'm on call. 

From here:

// Body: find ways to get to the gym more regularly. I started a 14 week strength training program in February that I had to suspend because of work, travel, child care, the usual. The first half is 4 days a week of lifting and the second five days week. I'm two weeks in again but it will definitely take more than 14 weeks to complete. I have a relatively travel-free summer and completion of the Bigness Project is my fitness goal. I've set a goal of at least 10 minutes of yoga every day in the month of June - so far, so good. The Yoga Studio app changed its billing structure on June 4th but I think it's worth $20 a year.

// Mind: catch up to my two books a month goal. Keep up with the journals that arrive weekly - skim and download the pdfs I want as references.

// Spirit: dedicate time with each girl solo and with Luke. They are such wonderful ages and I want to make the most of this summer - impromptu picnics, splash pad visits, saying yes instead of saying no [I have to leave/ask Daddy/let's talk about it...] With Luke I want to attend at least one concert in the park (Shakespeare? Jazz? Any of them), watch House of Cards together, perhaps see ANY of our photos from Italy last month.

// Home: I am such a cluttery person and it drives me nuts - my own clutter. I want to get a handle on at least our bedroom in order to justify the purchase of 1-2 pieces of furniture. I have had this dresser and armoire picked out for at least three years. The only furniture purchase we've made during our six year marriage is our bed - everything else is a hand-me-down, made by my dad (cool, huh?), or less than $100 from a resale shop. First step: pare down. Second step: Figure out which pieces will fit. Third step: Go for it!

// For the girls: Get them to the pool at least twice a week to swim. Planning to couple this with my workouts - 30 minutes of lifting, then swim.

// Creativity: Begin the project - a blog about workwear - I've been talking about for so long!

What are your plans?

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