Friday, June 9, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// In looking for surf suits for the girls, I came across these leggings/swim tights which I will be purchasing posthaste in the avocado print. The girls recently caught sight of the outdoor pool and Josie said I wanna put on my simmin suit, I wanna go simming. The indoor pool is great but even I will acquiesce to time outside (in our swim tights). I think these avocado leggings + bra top + white rash guard + large hat will be my summer 2017 look! #BackThatHassUp

// Going to read this House of Cards recap before Luke and I start season 5!

// Getting into a rhythm of gym time after work - seems sustainable. It is much easier to pack a gym bag than a clothes/makeup/shoes-for-work bag.

// It just occurred to me to take the girls to the circus this weekend - we haven't talked about it or read any books about a circus ... I think they will be amazed. It is so fun to delight them. If we have dinner at C's most requested spot - Qdoba - it will be the Best Night Ever.

// This Tata Harper mask was in my last Birchbox and I really like it (but probably not $58 like it). I almost never get facials but I had one with all Tata Harper products in San Antonio and it almost made a believer out of me.

// Learned about sea power in the modern age on On Point. Why oh why can't we have an articulate statesman, academician, soldier as president?!

// I never make salads at home because 1) too many ingredients 2) too much prep and 3) no leftovers but after hearing this interview I'm looking forward to perusing this new cookbook and book of photography. The STL public library didn't have the book so I emailed them and they purchased it! 

// Speaking of salad I've been eating my farm share tomatoes with fresh mozzarella (I MISS YOU, CENTRAL MARKET, AND YOUR MADE-IN-STORE MOZZ) and basil from the porch with healthy pinches of salt and pepper, healthy glugs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I could eat that meal every day, happily.

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