Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sundays in the Car with Luke

I have a lot to catch up on because things have been chaotic -- this April weekend, however, was slow and restorative.

We met my mom and the girls at the Magic House (they were at my parents' for the weekend because Luke and I were both working) and had lunch at Billy G's in Kirkwood -- I'm going back for the unlimited Bloody Mary bar (with all the fixins) and unlimited coffee drink bar (with all the fixins) and for a spot on the patio - what a fun restaurant.

(Between the Magic House and Billy G's were epic tantrums because the girls didn't want to leave. We were the parents carrying screaming, flailing children in the parking lot.)

Our only shot at having the girls nap was driving around in the car - getting them to nap at home anymore is almost impossible. We stopped at home so I could put out the pizza dough I'd made the night before for its second rise and drove around, listening to S Town and catching up.

We stopped at the Fruit Stand on Manchester and I bought two begonias and some locally made sausage for the pizza.

Jenny joined us for pizza. I used the recipes from Pizza Camp - and spoiler alert! - I like this homemade pizza better than all the pies we had in Italy.

Monday morning. At least one of us was ready!

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  1. Welcome back! You, your sharing, colorful photos and adorable mother were missed, Julie. You make it all so fun and flavorful. Lovely as ever. I always enjoy celebrating you and yours. Lord bless you all. Sincerely, Sally Kay Frankel Demling