Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Fourth

Celebrating Clementine's fourth birthday. When I asked her which color cupcakes she wanted for her class she answered "gray" but I ordered pink and purple. I picked them up from Olivier, the very tiny, very punk Frenchman who works at the bakery nearby. He's 50ish and has a half-shaved head and a braided mid-chest beard. He's definitely the coolest person in the St Louis burbs.

One of Clementine's favorite books right now is A Letter to Amy which features a birthday party scene. I asked if she wanted a similar cake to the one in the book but she indicated she wanted "a headband, like Amy."

I bought these on Amazon.

The birthday girl and the chocolate cake she selected ... and didn't like.

Gifts: a Rapunzel dress + Pascal figurine (she loves Tangled right now), puzzles, a wand/crown/bracelet set for each girl.

My mom stayed with the girls while we saw Dawes at the Pageant that night. (Other Dawes concerts: Utopiafest - Austin when we missed them! - Austin when we met one of them!)

My favorite Dawes song.

On Thursday morning we set out for Luke's hometown in Michigan. Learning from my unprepared drive to Chicago, I asked my mom to bring over some stickers, coloring books, etc for our trip. (I thought I would have more time to shop for the trip, but when does anyone find themselves with too much time? I spent most of my first vacation day at work finishing up cases.) The drive went quickly and uneventfully. We listened to the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack.

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Tucking the doll into bed. This held her interest for so long I'm thinking of buying her this adorable Hape dollhouse - but ugh we have so much stuff already.

We visited with Luke's family and I checked off several of my to-do's: booked our lodging in Florence, bought some stuff online (go me), and watched Arrival. Luke thought it was so-so but I loved it - visually arresting, philosophically provocative, emotionally devastating. The behind-the-scenes discussion was great too. (I'm hoping to watch a couple more Oscar-nominated movies this weekend).

The trip was rather challenging in that the girls ran all over the place (Josie: "MY HIDING!"), didn't sleep, and Josie found a contraband pencil during (no)naptime. This is a wall, not a piece of paper:


Sliding between floors.

After being alternately grouchy and clingy all day, the no-napper fell asleep during the party.

Some of the winter babies:

Pizza on the drive home.

Funny faces.

Burning off energy when we returned home. I made food for the week and watched the Gaga halftime show.

Kitchen Swim from Julie Hinkle on Vimeo.

Hard to believe she's four. Sometimes I scroll through my Instagram feed, back to when she was a baby, just to make myself happy-sad (there's probably a German word for it).

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