Friday, June 26, 2015

Anniversary in Austin

One of our favorite bands, Dawes, played at Stubbs on our anniversary. Arrangements were made, giant purse grabbed, ridiculous sunglasses donned.

[Seeing Dawes in 2011, missing Dawes in 2013]

Mike came with us! And we ran into our SA friend Patrick, who became a fan of opener Langhorne Slim on streaming radio and resolved to see a live show.

As I turned away from the merch table, a man walked past and I said - that's Griff [the Dawes drummer]! We ran walked purposefully after him and got a pic.

I had never seen Langhorne Slim before. His set was 40 minutes but it took about 2 for me to become a huge fan. As a non-musical person with a limited set of music references to draw upon, I can best describe his sound as Avett like, but more bluesy and more raunchy. The Avetts are to sweet sexy as Langhorne Slim is to dirty sexy (and we know you need both, am I right?)

Closing the set on someone's shoulders.


We had to leave a bit early to get back to SA; the last song we heard was "A Little Bit of Everything" (above) -- I was wiping away tears. If there is an American hymnal this song should be included in it.

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