Friday, June 5, 2015


Scrolling through my phone camera roll and I noticed a bunch of screenshots, mostly from IG, that make me laugh/think/feel/plan.

The Tao of Dallas





Dreamy living room of a vintage clothes seller in Michigan. I think her feed is the perfect combination of work and life. 

MEDITATE ON IT. Today is my first whole food day of the month (so far: two eggs, a banana, and some pistachios. Lunch: roasted chicken and broccolini and grapes. Dinner will be a desperate scrounge, likely an avocado, tomatoes, and almond butter? Maybe?)

Rachel Carson's words.

Rainbow succulents!

More from Dallas, my spiritual advisor.

Don't think about this too much, it gets depressing.


I was able to snag these in pink and deeply discounted... and they are ridiculous.


My version: "I'll keep your kitchen well-stocked with Sriracha".


Now for some snark...

Not snark because it's TRUE and she never forgets!

Laughed out loud.

Snort-laughed out loud.

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