Monday, June 8, 2015


Our weekend as narrated by Clementine. Luke was working almost the entire weekend so it was just us girls.

I PUSH IT! I PUSH THE [word that sounds vaguely like stroller] Yoga at Y. I try to make Ann's class every Saturday because CHILD CARE and she's a great teacher.

WATER PEEZ! MACKY CHEESE, PEEZ! BLT, macaroni and cheese, chocolate shake at Olmos Pharmacy. She referred to the waitress as 'macky cheese lady' and practiced her new thumbs-up on the other diners. Before this we went to the Landa library to pick up some books (scandalous! can't wait) and burn some energy on the playground. She climbed up the playground tower and slid down the slide by herself for the first time.

I DO THE PITCHERS! Pushing the pre-nap envelope by shopping at Grove Hill Ltd where the ladies graciously corral C in the extra dressing room with toys. We are loyal if obstreperous customers for this reason. Loot: jeans, tank top, pants, and a silk top for date niiiiight. Summer I'm ready for ya! (Will probably expand on this later but let me put in my hearty endorsement for made in USA (yay!) brand Bella Dahl: on the website and on the hanger the clothes are ...meh? But they are so soft and fit just right. I love this reverse crop top and pants. USA! USA!)

COOKIE! Imma eat it. Sunday morning at Pearl. Cookie from Sol Y Luna - they don't have pizza on Sundays!

Awww the nose wrinkle when she was a baby.

Exciting end to the weekend -- a baby watermelon appeared on the vine in the driveway. What do I do now?!

Hope you are enjoying a fun beginning to the summer - what's everybody up to?

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