Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a Great Weekend!

Whole lotta fun this weekend, after a bu-zay week at work that had me looking forward to choosing among the fun events and enjoying the gorgeous weather (80 degrees ahh) of SATX in the fall.

Brunch at Arcade; farmers' market sights

Would you like to see that nose wrinkle a bit closer?  I thought so.

Brunch at Pearl, then downtown for -->

The Briscoe Museum of Western Art opened this weekend and we were there!  Downtown was a mess because Comic Con was also in town - we crawled through traffic only to have the LOT FULL sign placed in front of the parking garage entrance just as we pulled up. Curses!  Further down Commerce we encountered the same thing - cars in front of us entering and LOT FULL flashing on the ticket dispenser for us - but seconds later a ticket was spat out, we parked, and a short walk later we were taking in the new museum.

Which is magnificent.  It's an art museum with gorgeous photographs, paintings, and sculptures in addition to objects of everyday life (saddles, spurs, garments), a full size covered wagon/stagecoach/teepee, and taxidermy.  The saddle and spurs displays are fabulous, as are the firearm displays. The diorama of the battle of the Alamo in the photo is quite large and astonishingly detailed (tiny paintbrushes, hundreds of hours).  The museum building was formerly SA's first public library and is situated on the Riverwalk across from La Villita and the Arneson ampitheatre.

Cell phone photography only was permitted this weekend (and 'only for a little bit' after opening); here are a few of the iPhone-captured exhibits.
Alamo diorama; Mexican general's uniform circa 1826; sculpture; spur display; stagecoach; Mexican rancher garments; a fishing sculpture; firearm display

windmill; wild boar; outdoor pavilion; covered wagon; listening to a lecture on San Antonio architecture
I am looking forward to returning for a relaxed perusal after the crowds have died down.  And for these cool events (Melissa Guerra's discussion of the west's first food truck, the chuck wagon , and holiday parade dinner)  Also anticipating bringing my dad here in particular -- he is going to looooove it.  This is a must-see for San Antonians and visitors!

Motif from remaining library building
Today (Sunday) we headed to the farmers' market near our home.  This will be our third Dia de los Muertos in SATX and it is a SHAME it is the first one we've tried pan de muerto -- it is delicious! Rich and orange-scented - this variety was dusted with sugar.  It tasted like the best, lightest, most delicate doughnut you've ever had.  This vendor, La Panaderia,  is opening up a bakery in our neighborhood and we are EXCITED.  Great, great bread.  We stocked up on some delish Indian food items, bought some veggies and jams, and shared a plate of falafel.
pan de muerto, going going gone

After regrouping at home for second (change the diaper, restock the diaper bag), we walked to the McNay art museum to see the new movie costume exhibit.  Despite several visits, we've never explored the permanent collection before and we did a bit of it today.  A permanent exhibit of opera costumes (and dress up area, pics below OF COURSE) and a traveling Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas exhibition were highlights.  The outdoor areas and grounds have many wonderful sculptures:

These aren't creepy at all.

The CUT! Costume and the Cinema exhibit consists of costumes from period films (Luke: 'I haven't seen these girl movies.') like Sense and Sensibility, The Duchess, Phantom of the Opera... the fabrics are so sumptuous and so many fine details...wonderful to take in.  Non-flash photography was allowed -->

The interactive iPad feature allows you to try on costumes --> behold one thrilled museumgoer-->

A great week to you all and GO CARDS!

 p.s.  I'm digging this collage maker (vide supra :)


  1. Wow! This looks like a weekend full of education! I dig it.

  2. I have been wanting to go and check out the CUT exhibit. Looks great!

  3. Your daughter is precious! And these are great photos of the museums/exhibits. Can't wait to visit the The Briscoe Museum of Western Art.