Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Clarks in Texas

STL friends Tom and Amanda and Everett (see E when he was a baby!) visited SATX in the beginning of the month.  They enjoyed some glorious weather, delish Mexican food, and some of the sights of this pretty cool city!  Tom attended a conference on the Riverwalk and during the day Amanda and Everett explored - the missions, downtown,  the art museum, Pearl Brewery.  We celebrated Amanda's birthday at locavore restaurant/beer garden/dog park/playground/laundromat/car wash The Cove and enjoyed some music on the lawn of the McNay at Second Thursday.

But mostly it was so so good to have such dear friends in town. I miss my friends!  Amanda appeared in my life at just the right time (in fact, we have our own meet-cute story), I (accidentally) introduced Tom and Amanda, they were on the fateful Chicago trip the second and hook-line-and-sinker time I met Luke, I was there when Tom proposed, and when they got married....  I like to think we are raising our families along side each other, albeit from a distance.

Amanda in front of The Giant Cactus Two Streets North of Ours

 Bday dinner at the Cove!

C and E at the McNay; E says, "I touch hair.  I touch hair."

C and E at Rosario's

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  1. I bet you guys had a blast!! I would love to check out San Antonio some day. Looks like the kids got along great.