Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stacey and Paul's Awesome Wedding

Tour de Saint Cities continues with St Louis and the wedding of Stacey and Paul!

But first, our hair.

Jenny and I picked up sandwiches at Mom's Deli and headed over to Lords & Ladies for our requested styles: "ridiculous" "big" "rodeo queen".  Jenny got some fab-u-lous Bond girl hair and I a rockabilly pompadour with teased ponytail.  Perfection.  Coiffed, we went to Jenny's sister Jessie's house for makeup and some baby time with Amelia:

The cutest

Back to Jenny's for dresses; then Contemporary Art Museum for the festivities!  A stop action film of the bride and groom was playing in the foyer [wedding photographer was the marvelous JJ Lane of Be Lovely photography -- if you are in St Louis and need wedding/event/family/baby/any photos, give her a holler, she photographed our wedding, Tom and Amanda's wedding-- she's great]

Decor, event space, food, menus:

Bacon; chicken liver mousse; proscuitto; cheese; veggies



Exchange of vows

Ken the M.C. directs guests from ceremony to reception

Party time:

Robin & Ryan

Singin' Jenny and I
Boots, bump, big hair

Stacey and her grandmother

Stacey and Amanda

Jenny's hair. You should have been there.  It was amazing.

The back of the dress

I love this photo!

Looking impossibly glamorous and so, so happy

Bringing some steampunk whimsy to the affair

Awww the Clarks!

A beautiful and elegant wedding for a very cool couple.  Hip hip huzzah, Team JorWehe!


  1. Wow I can not say enough about this amazing wedding. Seeing you so happy and knowing that you found your soul mate was one of the happiest moments I will remember forever. I'm truly happy to witness it. A wedding I will always remember. Thank you so much for the invite and I hope to see Team JorWehe soon. Congrats and Best Wishes


  2. I stole the picture of myself for facebook, please don't sue me! This was a very unique and by extension, personal wedding. Being part of the day was exhilarating but watching the happy couple and their crew turn convention on it's ear, priceless!

  3. Julie, you look so beautiful! Love all these pictures. Looked like a great wedding.