Friday, September 21, 2012


Last week we went to San Diego for a pathology meeting and then on to San Francisco to see Jeremy and Adrienne's new baby Vivienne. 


Whom We Saw:

This awesome guy and succulent enthusiast, Peter:

who gave Susanne

a bunch of cuttings from his plants as she and I walked to Pita Jungle in Hillcrest for great Mediterranean food.  I expect photos from your yard, Susanne!

We caught up with an old friend in Escondido for dinner, and did not take a picture, for shame!

Hanging poolside at the Hyatt with Elise, Emily, Ali, and JF...

Playing rooftop ping pong:

Dolores Park, San Francisco, with Jeremy, Adrienne, and Vivi:

Vivi flashes her signature Double V sign

With Emily, JF, Bhima, Jeremy, Adrienne, and Vivi at Chow

What We Did:

In San Diego I attended a bunch of great courses and Luke went to Los Angeles for the day to see a college friend.  Our first night there we found a street festival featuring the Wallflowers.  The seated VIP section wasn't full, so Luke told the security guard, 'My wife is pregnant-- She needs to sit down for the concert.'  At which point I turned out my best pregnancy Piet√† performance, eyes cast downward, belly cradled.  He escorted us to seats in the eighth row!  Thanks, Baby H!

Serendipitously, Mason Jennings, one of our favorite musicians, was playing in San Francisco at Yoshi's, a small and fabulous jazz club.

His song 'Be Here Now' was our first dance at our wedding.

We attended photographer Cindy Sherman's exhibit at SF MOMA. (For free, thanks military discount!)

But mostly we just walked around Sans Diego and Francisco, taking in the neighborhoods.

What We Saw:

More of Peter's house; the entire exterior was covered in shelves and plants.

 His dogs.

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip

SF sights:

There's a story here, I think


Buena Vista Park, SF, in the middle of the city:

This kind gentleman had five Pomeranians:

And he offered me a picture with them!

And, of course,

What We Ate:

delicious tuna sashimi for Luke in SD

Heirloom tomato salad with burata at Magnolia gastropub

Fish and chips with Luke's inspired addition of an egg

Bean and chorizo soup ("We should eat more beans," we concluded.)

But instead we ate ice cream... wonderfully cold metal cups
Belly Shots, and a Kiss:

Marvelous days.


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  1. really enjoyed the pictures, julie! peter's succulents are incredible. and those little dogs - oh my word. so cute. also fun to see pics of j clem and his fam! such a great travel diary!