Thursday, October 4, 2012


Weekend No. 4 Out of Town: St Louis, Part Deux, for Robin and Will's reception at my parents' home.

In the morning I attended a cytology meeting and saw a bunch of my old coworkers - so fun to catch up. (On the gossip).

Registrants had to wear a cardigan to gain entry to the meeting.

Then back to WashMO for the festivities.  Sadly short on party pics.  The house was lovely, the food was great, and the company so fun.

Setting up petit fours and German chocolate cupcakes

Will, Robin, Elise

Gabe colors with Aggie


Iva and Aggie, best friends for decades

Jenny and I

Romie, Derinda, Diane

LH and JF

Em, Will, Amanda, and Jonathan

Family fun train rolls on with my brother-in-law's wedding in Michigan this weekend!  Then to some serious nesting in October-- making jam, thinking about baby schtuffs, getting the nursery ready....

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