Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Likes & Finds

The New York Public Library unveiled the 100 great children's books of the last 100 years.  Shop them by reading level. (Thanks Erin for posting this link!)

Want to experience mittelschmerz?  Browse baby shoes!  C hasn't worn shoes even once yet - fun to see what's available.  (ps... when should she wear shoes?!)

Pick a painted pumpkin project.  (How pretty.)

Friday night lights!  Our third year in SATX we are going to attend a football game at last.    We live just a few blocks from the high school and hearing the band practice early in the morning as I head to work always brings a smile to my face.


What fall things are you up to?  I see a lot of pumpkin and apple picking out there!  Here's a list of SATX pumpkin patch-hayride-etc events.  Looking forward to attending at least one.