Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hilton Head

A bunch of Very Fun Things to catch up on, beginning with the most recent, the clan's (Luke's parents and six siblings and their spouses and children) trip to Hilton Head.

Best told through a zillion photos!  Editing, either photo number or quality, is not my strong suit so here goes.  Highlights: game night, Family Olympics, family photos, playoff watching, nowhere to be/nothing to do. Memorable moments: wildfire spread of GI bug that temporarily sidelined beachgoers; doing at least one load of laundry a day due to C's ruining of many an outfit (prompting Luke to paraphrase J. Robert Oppenheimer/the Bhagavad Gita: 'Now I am become poop, the destroyer of pants.'); dinner out with the siblings sans kids; Jacuzzi-ing, because a warm bath is my personal height of luxury, doesn't get any better.

catching up
A walk around the neighborhood was so pleasant with a snazzy stroller.  I rented a crib/high chair/BOB beach stroller/exersaucer/beach toys and perhaps the availability of this service is the norm in vacation areas but I thought it was a revelation.  It was set up when we arrived!  We left it all in the house to be picked up!  The coolest.

Deserted island.  Hardly anyone else was there.  Ahhhhh.

Susie on the seashore.

E-man in probably my favorite photo of the week

Ben in the sun:

Arden zinc-ified

Family Olympics: sandcastle building, 20 yard dash, obstacle course

Kessa, water retriever

Team Bearded Avengers

Click for Luke's relay

Pink mustaches:

C and her buddy Eshton

Exhausted from all the fun!


  1. You can RENT baby gear?!?! Hoping this service is available in Charleston and/or Cape Cod. Could be a serious game changer. Thanks for the info! Looks like a great trip - what a photogenic group!!

    1. YES! I stumbled across several companies in HH that rent baby gear -- I rented all that great quality stuff for $150/wk including I-don't-need-to-be-there delivery and pick up!

  2. Love the recap, especially the beach pictures.

    1. I really like the pic of you and your Dad's outstretched hand in the dash.