Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dias de los Muertos y Puercos

We took in the Dia de los Muertos activities at La Villita with our friends Emily and Samuel.  Below are photos of the altars constructed there - other events included a parade, dancing, crafts, food, and concerts.  We caught Making Movies in the amphitheatre (hey STL, they're going to be at Plush at the end of the month- check them out!).  SATX is so wonderful in the fall -- so many things going on, it's as if we all emerge from the reverse hibernation the Dantean, freaking invincible summer forces us into ready to partake and par-tay.

Alter by a local high school sculpture class.  Weird and wonderful, no?

Kinda creepy statue.

Luke is standing in front of the fryer the tortillas are plucked straight out of and stuffed with goodies. DELICIOSO!

Shrimp kebabs with Sriracha (for him) and not-so-hot-sauce (for her)

Emily and Samuel, cheers!

The Arneson amphitheatre straddles the river - Making Movies onstage

Would that I owned these twin pink Vespas!

Later that day: Dinner at Tribeca di Olmos with this handsome fella.  Target for cleaning supplies. (after the ecstasy, the laundry).  Couch time for Nashville (love it but that show needs a kick in the arse) and a disappointing SNL.

Scallops over wilted spinach, caramelized onions, and butternut squash risotto.  Dessert was Nutella panna cotta.  All of my favorite components in one meal.

On Sunday we strolled to the Quarry Farmers' Market for a re-up on parathas and paratha fixin's.  Then we headed to Pearl for Meatopia, a big ol' fancy barbecue showcase of national and local chefs.  It was smoky, hot in the sun and cool in the shade, and very delicious.  We had eaten mostly vegan/vegetarian in the preceding week to prepare ourselves metabolically and karmically.

Favorite little nugget.

Clem's first time wearing shoes for any length of time; my first time wearing this hat.

The bass player also plays with Luke occasionally.  This trio was fantastic.

Woman with baby in stroller takes a picture of a woman with a dog in a stroller.
 We only sampled a little bit; Luke wasn't feeling 100% and the overwhelming meat essences sort of zapped my appetite and we returned home plum worn out.  Naps for some (see below).  C still smells like a tuckered out little smoked sausage.

It was another fabulous weekend in San Antonio!  Over and out---


  1. Reverse hibernation sentence = awesome. What a fun, colorful event! Big fan of that hat- really chic. Love you guys!

  2. I love how you all always get out and experience San Antonio. Your photos are great. And, I love Tribeca too!