Monday, November 18, 2013

Half Marathon

On Sunday I jog-walked the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon with Team in Training/The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I was worried about standing around in the cold - I arrived at the Alamodome at 5:30 am - for a couple of hours before the race started.  Not to worry, it was already 73 degrees and humid.  Yuck.  Despite the less than stellar conditions and the fact that I am pretty much a non-runner who does not enjoy running, it was a great time.  There were 26,000 participants and thousands of cheering friends, family, corporate volunteers, churches, university students, marching bands, etc lining the course, which wound through some of the prettiest parts of the city.  The great signs people brought were my favorite part:

topical humor, love it

this really made me laugh

a similar sign said, I thought you said RUM, not run!  Liked that one too.

This sign reminded me of my other race worry, something I never would have thought about unless Luke had not told me a very funny/very gross story involving him on a first date, that first date being a leisurely run, a subsequent bout of violent diarrhea at the residence of the run-proposing girl, a floor-to-ceiling mirrored bathroom with a Jack and Jill arrangement, a startled roommate, and a startled Luke.

Trinity University Library contingency
Along the route:

Brackenridge high school students
The course went through downtown, the Pearl Brewery, Trinity University, and two neighborhoods that we enjoy wandering in, Southtown/King William and Olmos Park, each with a distinctive personality.  In general there was abundant shade, lots of sights to take in, and frequent water stops - enjoyable and pleasant.  The crowd energy was infectious, and I am usually immune to sports-related enthusiasm.
I felt good the entire time until mile 12.  The last mile was a no-shade, no-fun-views slog through an industrial park and at that point the smile was just wiped off of my face.  It was hot, it was muggy, and I was ready to stop moving (not this guy though... he placed 1st in the SATX marathon and 10th in Las Vegas - in the same day!) I crossed the finish line, made a stiff-legged beeline to the LLS tent for a recovery PB&J, and came home to relax.  I completed a half marathon! 
Thanks to everyone who donated to the LLS!
I was so impressed with their support during training and the race itself.  If you are looking to train/do philanthropic work/meet some great folks/all of the above, consider Team in Training.


  1. Congratulations!

    Did you see they moved it to December for the next two years? Maybe that will help with the weather-related issues.

  2. Congratulations Julie, that is a huge accomplishment! Bravo!