Monday, November 25, 2013

From Here and There Around the Web

I'm still stuck on page 67 of Don deLillo's End Zone but here are some interesting essays/Internet things I've come across recently:

When it pays to have someone else clean your house  I think this HAS to be true.  I also want someone else to clean my house all the time.  So do the people who share my house.

Margaret Mitchell's mother's no nonsense farewell note

What if the US (or Switzerland) gave every citizen $10,000 annually just for being alive?

The steak frites machine that is NYC's Balthazar

I had never heard of Dr. Who until I kept seeing my friend Aaron pinning Who stuff on Pinterest.  I still don't get it, but this Jill Lepore essay created a lot of context - I'm still 50 years behind however.

Chowhound - "It’s more than a discussion group. It’s a support group."

Also, have you checked out Hukkster?  It alerts you when items you are tracking go on sale.  Pretty cool.

I leave you with:


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