Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Luke recently coined the term 'grandmarous' - a portmanteau of grandma and glamorous to denote glamorous grandmothers or outfits picked out by glamorous grandmothers (C's head to toe leopard outfit, for example)

Lately, coincidentally, I've been gravitating toward brands, clothes, and accessories favored and/or endorsed by my late grandmother Ida, aka Dinker, ever grandmarous to the nth degree.  Things like...

Dooney and Bourke- this gorgeous crossbody bag  (I only like to carry crossbody bags even though Luke says 'they cut your boobs in two, in a bad way')  Hello sassy red lining.

She loved Pendleton and would agree that I NEED the dress below.  And maybe these funky boots. I like to call this dress 'me at work, demilitarized zone'.

Tolovana Dress

She also loved Lauren Ralph Lauren and his ladylike dresses .  [RIP Famous Barr; Macy's you are no Famous Barr].

HUGE fan of cashmere - you couldn't pry this off of me.

Dinker loved red shoes and Native American jewelry and had quite a collection of both, as do I.  When I acquire my dream of a vintage squash blossom necklace, I will smile and think of her.


  1. Also love, and I am sporting her studs right now :)

  2. It's great to see that glamour spans all ages. I just wish I was more fashion-conscious and had some of it myself! Here's to glamorous grandmas!