Monday, November 4, 2013

Clementine at Nine Months

Today was C's nine month well baby appointment.  She's long, she's lean, she's working on a pincer grasp.

We were laughing with the pediatrician about how much she loves Happy Puffs but cannot bring them to her mouth, though she stuffs every else (especially magazine pages) into her mouth.  And lo and behold, not eight hours later...

Stuff she does: she can pull herself up and lower herself to the floor much more gracefully (BABY DOWN!  Luke encourages her, BABY DOWN!); she can crawl quickly (when I enter the door at day care she stops what she's doing and makes a beeline for me.  It's.the.greatest.); she babbles and makes lots of vocalizations.

Still no: Teeth.

At nine months she likes:

Peekaboo!  Now she is the peekaboo-er and not just the peekaboo-ee.  Amazing little baby brain, growing!

Bathtime!  She has liked the bath since she was tiny (by like at age < 3 months I mean 'didn't scream') and now she splashes, squeals, and lunges for the stream of water under the faucet.  It is adorable.

Napping. (Thanks for the pic, Susie!)

Sitting in the high chair.  The high chair isn't her happy place, it's her preternaturally content and self-possessed place.

Enjoying daddy's scintillating conversation
Curried butternut squash puree.

We love you, baby girl! You are my favorite part of every day.


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  1. Those expressions! (Especially like the post-bath pictures)