Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

A recap of our Thanksgiving week for my records and your bemusement.

Last Sunday we drove to Austin so Luke could film a segment for BalconyTV Austin on the deck of Joe's Crab Shack overlooking the river.  C and I accompanied him, she had her first (liquid portion) of clam chowder and about 100 oyster crackers, and we hit up Gourdough's - wowza, what a doughnut.  I had the Mama's Cake but I think the Naughty & Nice - just cinnamon and sugar - was better.  It was a very cold, wet, and blustery day - the kind of day I have completely forgotten how to dress for.  What do you mean, no sandals?  Where are my gloves?  It's going to be hot later, right?

Monday-Wednesday.  BUSY at work.  On Tuesday I (well, the marvelous Erin at Twirl) cut my hair into a bob at the nape of my neck because I could not take ONE MORE DAY of pulling my hair back for the duty day.  Luke greeted my new coiffure with an "Oh... mom hair."  Which stung.  But I am a mom and I do have daily headaches from pulling it back and probably a little bit of traction alopecia in conjunction with my devastating postpartum telogen effluvium, so, farewell, hairs.  I will post a pic when I find one that captures my new look, sassy as all get out.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!  We packed up C and about 50 lbs of her stuff and went over to the Browns.  I was in charge of bringing a vegetable dish - I made brussels sprouts with a balsamic glaze and dried cranberries (ok), radish and orange salad with sweet chili sauce (terrible), and mashed parsnips (HORRIBLE).  I've had parsnips before in restaurants -- they must have had plenty of butter/chicken stock/other things that taste good - because the dish I made was just parsnips with a bit of butter and it was inedible.  The last thing I brought to the Browns was beet ice cream... I usually make tasty dishes but they understandably have doubts. Luckily the rest of the food was heavenly and the company delightful as always.  We are so thankful for you, Rick and Doris!

Friday we decorated for Christmas. No way!  We don't have any storage and I don't like to buy anything that has to be stored.  Our home remains in a seasonless shade of bleak.  If my dad reads this he will send a little LL Bean tree on the double.  He finds our lack of festivity very troubling.

Friday we went shopping!  Extra-special no way.

Friday we stayed in our pajamas, all of us, until 2.  Then we cleaned up and went to Local Coffee and a nearby park so C could swing.  The swing is much too big for her but from what I could see of her face she was smiling.  These photos are on Luke's phone otherwise I would share.  Because it was back to a 70 degree SATX winter, we sat outside at the Friendly Spot sharing caramelized onion goat cheese dip, reading the New Yorker (I got through this article - really interesting) and news on the iPad while C sat, content and contemplative, in the stroller, until the sky grew overcast and the air a bit chilly, and we repaired to our home to try the second of two vegan chilis I have tried over the last two weeks.  Another strikeout, and this one was ATK!  Luke tried some while I ate a microwave macaroni and cheese I had maybe just maybe hid under a large bag of green beans in the outside chest freezer.  If anyone has a truly hearty, creamy vegetarian/vegan chili recipe, please share. It's getting demoralizing.

waiting in line at the Friendly Spot

The highlight of Friday with a preface that C has been learning how to wave over the last couple of weeks: we park in the driveway and Luke and I both hop out and open the rear door together.  There is Clementine, already waving from her carseat in slow motion at us.  IT WAS THE CUTEST.

Saturday C and I ran some errands, including a tuna melt lunch at Central Market, a run to the library (this is a good perusal but too much meat! yuck. -- looking forward to looking through this) and to Target. Luke went to Austin fairly early in the day.  C resisted two attempts at putting her to bed - including the second time with those very angry wails of outrage in which she takes a deep breath and then one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi four mississippi really lets loose.

I thought she was ready for bed after falling asleep in the bouncer, but I was wrong.  That was a mere catnap.

Sunday she and I let Luke sleep in and went to the farmers' market, Corner Bakery, and Trader Joe's.  I went into work for a little bit so I would be only 1 day behind instead of 2 tomorrow morning.  It's been busy.  The evening was spent planning SOMETHING VERY FUN - girlfriend trip to Palm Springs with babies and beaux in tow!  Just booked my first Airbnb house.  I've heard nothing but positive reviews about the site, the house looks great, and the landlord has already gotten back to me!  Hashtag caftans hashtag big sunglasses!

In the meantime I'm going to try to plan thoughtfully for our upcoming Chicago trip -- usually I pack too much, of the wrong things, end up wearing Luke's pajama shirt around, etc.  A little bit of a challenge as I have to pack business clothes for the conference I'm attending, warm clothes for the arctic blast that awaits us, something festive for the superfun holiday party in ze burbs with some of my favorite people, and oh yes things for C too.  I am woman, hear me unsuccessfully multitask.

That's it from here.  Clementine is 10 months today!

Her nose has been runny, she might have a little conjunctivitis, and her bottom teeth are juuuuust erupting.  She's not the happiest camper at the moment, but she's still the cutest.


  1. Julie, I adore reading your blog! Your weekend sounded just delightful. I recommend a packable puffy coat for your trip to Chicago, it will keep you toasty but not overwhelm your suitcase.

  2. I LOVE Gourdough's. They have a chocolate chip raspberry donut that is completely sinful!

  3. Best use of root vegetables:
    I served this the last time my family was together for Thanksgiving, in 2007, and now both of my brothers make it annually.