Sunday, December 22, 2013

Four Things


Two cute things and two delicious things to tell you about.

No 1

I bought this dress for my conference in Chicago and it was/is perfect!!!  Comfortable and serious and grownup yet with fun box pleats - readers, if you are looking for an all-occasion dress (weddings, party at boss's house, somber events, bidness functions), get it!  I thought it struck the pretty-yet-boring perfection of La Middleton.  Made in the USA; Pendleton brand so it might retain some retail value for future consignment; good with boots, heels, or flats; guaranteed not to go out of style for several years; AND a little bit on sale now!
No 2   These booties are so comfortable - I purchased them in leopard print because animal print is a neutral, no? The heel is just right.  I feel like a badass when I wear them, even on days like today when I went to a party last night, fell asleep in party clothes, and am still wearing those same clothes after running errands this afternoon.  It's unfortunate that I have the casualness toward hygiene of a 7 year old, the sloppy is cute!  is carefree! attitude of a 19 year old, the responsibilities of a 33 year old, and the oh f%$ it disposition of a 75 year old.  Oh well, YOLO.
No 3 & No 4  Today I made two recipes I'd torn out of Cook's Country a while ago, muffin tin doughnuts - scrumdillyumptious - and skillet cheeseburger macaroni, the latter Luke deemed to be

Not just the greatest thing you have ever made, but the greatest thing you have ever done.

This is what I want all food to be, all the time.

And, it is.  I wouldn't make it to impress your foodie friends, but if you want your man or the men at your potluck/church function/holiday party to think you are a total babe, make this.  It's meaty, cheesy, oniony, pickly goodness.  I used grass fed beef to assuage some guilt.  I guess you could use ground turkey but once you start cooking with American 'cheese' it's better to let go of all pretense.  Let go of your pride; make room for the compliments.


  1. Storm's a'comin' -- I'm making this TONIGHT!

  2. I'm revisiting this entry because a friend of mine is about to have twin baby boys - and already has a three-year-old girl at home - could there be a woman more deserving of large bowls of cheeseburger macaroni?