Thursday, May 21, 2015

May Days

Let's think of a better name than 'photo dump', shall we? This week's activities in pics, because it's been a really good one.

Getting a soy mocha at Local Coffee at Pearl Farmers Market. Clem said, "Imma mommy's back!" which later turned to "NO WANT MOMMY'S BACK!"

Rashguard is from Lands End
St Josephine of the Angel Face

Three pepperonis in the fountain; pizza from Sol y Luna

There's more, right?

She watched some kids splash and turned to me matter-of-factly, peeled off her boots and socks, and dipped her feet in.

Visit to the pediatric ENT. To tube or not to tube?

I took a half day off from work and managed to have a lot of fun and see several of my favorite people. First I got my hair cut and colored by Erin my hairstylist/therapist/life coach at 8 am. She is always a pleasure to see and talk to. (Hi Erin!)

Then Luke and I took Josie for her first haircut

Because in the words of Luke, she was looking 'a little Ron Sexsmithy'.

Kim at Pigtails and Crewcuts, who is responsible for Clem's adorable bob, tamed Josie's hair. She is also hysterically funny and we three had a long joking conversation that had me in stitches (it hinged on our joking that Kim picks up men at the airport because both her ex-husband and current beau work for an airline - I was dying). She asked if we wanted to keep Josie's first clipped curl and we said, no, we don't really keep things and Kim said, oh, you're using the KonMari method... which launched into a discussion of how you can become a literary phenomenon just for telling people to clean their houses.

Then I checked out the DoSeum and it was awesome.

Afterwards I swung by Central Market for some McConnell's and tomahawk pork chops and talked to my favorite butcher Stephen who, it turns out, also loved Chef's Table. Not only does he tell jokes and know a lot about meat but he always gives great advice about how to prepare certain cuts. Stephen, I like you.

Later that day Luke was in the bathroom and Clemmie flattened herself to the floor to say HI DADDY! and that also was hilarious.

Hope you are having a great week, friends!

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