Monday, May 4, 2015

I Love LA

We had a whole lotta fun this weekend.

We left the girls in the care of two overlapping sitters and flew to LA for 30 hours for my dear friend Amy's wedding to Jerome. (We met Jerome in Palm Springs and approved heartily and blessed their union).

The face of a man who didn't travel with small children. Ahhhh.

We arrived at the hotel and made our way to the bridal suite where hair and makeup were in action. I don't usually threaten violence but upon meeting Amy's makeup artist Lori I told her I was going to bonk her over the head and steal her hair. Was that weird? I think she took it the right way.

Gettin' ready mirror selfie. We wore the same clothes to our wedding and after party. Luke found his a little too big and mine was a little snug. C'est la vie, c'est la Oreos.

View of the ocean from fabulous Le Meridien Delfina. You can't see it in this photo but a man in full Batman regalia was walking purposefully but unhurriedly down Pico Boulevard.

Wedding ceremony at Bel Air Bay Club. Fabulous doesn't even do it justice. I felt like I was in a SoCal soap opera.

Talking to my parents before the ceremony, I told my dad -- your shoes are great. He replied, 'Everyone says that when I wear these.' Five minutes later Jenny walked over and said, 'Bob! I love your shoes!'

Sunset ceremony with Amy & Jerome emblazoned sunglasses.

Hi Mom and Dad! I'll see them next in Las Vegas because this party train is.not.stopping.

Amy and her mother.

So beautiful!!! The officiant was droll and wry and the personally penned vows each included references to puns and eating (Amy to Jerome: 'I love that you are a good eater, both in quantity and adventurousness' and Jerome to Amy: 'Sometime you get hungry and angry, and I will throw you a snack pack out of self-preservation'). He also wrote 'you've moved me to joyful tears without your knowing it'. You want your friends to be loved well and I'm so happy for the both of them <-- huge understatement. This was one of the happiest days of my life!

Little buttons down the back, divine.

Cocktail hour with bacon wrapped dates that Luke and I have talked about at least five times since.

With the inimitable Jenny. I love you too, Jenny!

Catherine and Jessica pretty in pink.

SLUMS reunion!

First dance, 'God Only Knows'.

Now for my specialty - blurry dance floor pics.

I'm not actually hitting Jenny in the face but I do deserve Jessica's look of '???'

Doesn't Amy look so happy?

'Single Ladies' but you already knew that.

When you are married to a professional party animal...

Perfect day, perfect weekend, favorite people. Yay for love!

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  1. I didn't get to see your dad's shoes but MOB's shoes are FABU! Love the bride's flowers as well.