Friday, May 15, 2015


April and May with these girls, now 10 and 27 months. So much going on with C, here's a disjointed rundown but I can't forget any of these!

 C started saying own name in late March -- 'Temmentine'! Her language is really taking off - first with phrases like "Gigi eat Daddy" when Josie was gumming his shoulder. This weekend we went grocery shopping and C exclaimed CUTCAKES! while we were by the bakery and so I purchased two cupcakes [file under 'bad precedent']. At home, I gave her a slice of one and she looked at the frosting tentatively - 'macky cheese?' and we replied, no, it's frosting. She nodded and said thoughtfully, 'I'mma eat it.' Then wiggled and laughed and wrinkled her nose due to the sweetness.

Her favorite foods are 'macky cheese'* and cottage cheese, raspberries and strawberries, yogurt, and 'dillas - I want a dilla!' [quesadilla]. Also, cutcakes. Yesterday she wolfed down hummus for the first time, a very promising non-dairy development. I cannot get her to eat meat of any kind. Ditto for most green things. We have to pack a lunch for her at her new daycare and I am stressing out about it (Weelicious requested from library, stat).

C has always shown an aptitude for locks and latches. When she was a crawling infant in her daycare's baby room, she was the first to figure out the sliding latch on a low door and it had to be moved to the other side to prevent her escape. When is too soon to call Mensa?

Currently she insists on fastening the buckle of the booster seat -- I DO IT.

And sometimes gets 'duck'.

 Diaper concierge/bottle service: In a similar vein she insists on unfolding a fresh diaper, unsticking the tabs, then handing it to me. She does the same for Josie's diaper -- I HELP DIAPER. She likes to shake Josie's bottle to disperse the formula-- I SHAKE IT.

Big news this month! We are getting closer to toilet training! BYE-BYE POO-POO! I FLUSH IT.

Funny things: In Charleston she referred to the elevator as the 'uppy down'*. Phones are still the 'el-oh' [hello].

*I like to believe this is Spanglish - mac y cheese, up y down

At least 20 times a day she says cuckold! [careful] Examples include:

CUCKOLD THE WALL! Banging her head on the headboard while jumping on the bed.
CUCKOLD THE FEET! After tripping.
CUCKOLD THE COTTAGE CHEESE! Supervising my scooping cottage cheese from the container to bowl.
CUCKOLD THE FINGERS! Closing the toilet lid with exaggerated caution.

She wants to read every book every night. Favorites now are Llama Lllama Time to Share and Mad at Mama, San Francisco ABCs, Babies, Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear?, and the Hello Highlights magazines. Mostly, however, she wants to 'naco C's' [look for C's] and doesn't pay attention to reading now -- all she wants to do is point out the letters that she knows. Current tally: a,b,c,d,e,h,n,p,o,s,w,y,z - and for most the upper and lowercase. She also loves to be quizzed about 'LETTERS!' - we draw them on a erasable gel tablet. (Music to tiger mothers' ears).

Sometimes she mimics me nagging Luke, saying with increasing urgency/exasperation:
Nuke. Nuke. Nuke.


Josie is waving and clapping. Her bedtime has finally come into the 7 pm range. She barely sleeps at school but naps at home on the weekend; she arrives home from daycare a wreck Monday-Friday, bleary-eyed and exhausted. We are so hopeful their new daycare will have a more placid environment in which she can nap.

No more pouches. After giving the ok for table food at lunch, I guess her first day went well:

For dinner she eats what C eats, often dillas cut up very small, macky cheese, gnocchi, fruit.

She is finally crawling, right at 10 months! Now she is everywhere. She pulls up to her knees but not feet yet. Josie babbles, has four teeth (two top and two bottom), and wears 18 month clothes that C outgrew just scant months ago. She is the sweetest, sunshiniest baby (unless you travel with her).

Lately I've been spending a lot of time with them solo due to Luke's travel schedule. We went to the mall last weekend, C in the Ergo on my back happily eating GUMMIES! - a word I didn't even know she knew - and Josie in the stroller. I bought a few several items at Hanna Andersson, including a couple of chambray dresses for an upcoming family photo session. I might put a few of these on the Internet, so you might see them. Then we went to the Nordstrom Bistro where C sat mostly quietly with me and she ate 2.5 bites of pizza. It was a successful outing until the car seat meltdown - my fault for pushing naptime too late.

I want to get very comfortable being out and about with them because 1) being at home is the worst and 2) I anticipate the three of us being sans Daddy frequently. First order of business is to purchase a double stroller than isn't a land whale. Recommendations welcome!

Need bigger wheels!

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  1. Careful with gummies, they're a choking hazard! Popcorn is another [frequently given] no-no. Okay, off my soap box :-)