Thursday, April 30, 2015


Cross country tour continues!

Last week we went to Charleston so I could attend a course (liver pathology and it was great). My in-laws joined us to help Luke with the cubs and my two of sisters-in-law came too. I was in lecture all day - the gang went to the aquarium, the beach, and on a carriage tour.

As soon as we settled into the hotel it became apparent renting a house would have been 150% better in terms of space, comfort, and economy. I would say I'd plan better next time but there isn't going to be a next time though the fam is too gracious to say so :) Naps and the nighttime routine were difficult. Josie's skin issues flared again and her teeth seemed to bother her - her little baby homeostasis is easy to perturb.

Visiting the aquarium.

A montage of pointing.

Josie says: I WILL KISS YOU.

Dinner at Hank's Seafood. Kristin made reservation at great restaurants. Sunday night was Boxcar Betty's for delicious fried chicken sandwiches. At Hank's the waiter took a fussy Josie into his arms and walked around with her, allowing me to tuck into some fabulous scallops.

The beach--

As we were settling in at Magnolias, I overheard a departing couple say, "They're brave..." in reference to having kids ages 2, 1, and 10 months in tow.

Dinner was delicious...

...but Graham is not sure.

Occasionally C will ride in her old stroller, though Josie wasn't thrilled about the carrier. (Or much of anything.)

Dessert and coffee at Carmella's. Of course Luke and I had to intone Cahrm! a la Tony Soprano.

Carriage ride.

My mom says regardless of their birth order, you can tell by their personalities who the ringleader is going to be...

Another stroke of poor planning was our late flight out of town. We killed some time at the park across from the hotel, where Luke serendipitously met another songwriter pianist Brendan James in the playground.

Luke and Susie took most of the photos above; the photos below are Susie's phone snaps.

Josie was a wreck. Her diaper rash and eczema flared, she didn't sleep well, she was miserable from teething. Graham is all I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP.

I rented baby gear again for this trip... what a fantastic service.

Pointing out letters.

But she was still a trooper on the long day home, including an almost four hour flight from BWI to SA.

Thanks for the pics, Susie!

And thanks to the clan for helping us out! It takes a village. And Benadryl.

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