Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring in San Antonio

Yes we go to Pearl every weekend. C wore her hat almost the entire time. The night before she stayed up from 9-12:30, running around the house, insisting we read every book. Then things devolved -- but who among us hasn't ended an evening naked in the kitchen eating 16 ounces of strawberry yogurt?

Blueberry muffin from Sol y Luna



Peeking into the Culinary Institute of America.


Pulling herself over to Josie -- "HI!".

Lately C has been laying down the law with Josie and telling her all she needs to know around the house:


CUCKOLD, GIGI! (careful, Josie!)

Josie and I spent some time on the porch while C napped.

This was the very first time I've seen her push to all fours - and my camera was ready!

Back to rolling.

Going to count the cats.

This kid.

She ate about a cup of avocado. #attagirl

Pizza from Florio's that reminded us why we don't order pizza from Florio's.

Pearl Redux with "ha", "bah-pah", and "my neck-iss".

Hitting up the Block, food truck park and patio bar, in the afternoon to hear Mike play:

This is so perfect I can't stand it.

Dessert at StoneWerks.

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