Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Josie started eating solids with gusto this month. After seeing Plum Organics Hello Dinner on this blog, I thought we'd try them out. I found them on Amazon and at my neighborhood Target. She eats about 1/2 to a whole serving at mealtime and I feel good about not giving her another pouch of puree - she's better at handling texture and it's a wee bit more environmentally friendly. She also eats banana and avocado.

She loves bathtime - when she hears the water flowing she starts flapping her arms and smiling. In the bath - splash splash splash.

Still no crawling - she rolls everywhere. She doesn't pull up on things and can't get to a seated position yet.

She has a sweet, smiley personality. We adore her.

Sometimes she's up until 10 or 11...

And occasionally sleeps from 7-7.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Clementine has had a very busy month. She had a speech evaluation and we think she has a mild expressive language delay. Will re-assess in a few months to see if therapy is in order. She is putting together phrases and sentences (barely) now:

"poo poo my back" --- notifying us of an issue.

"cuckold, it's wet!" [bathroom floor after bath] "cuckold, Gigi!" "cuckold, hot" [pointing to candle] Cuckold = careful. Pretty funny.

"Don't want it my pants / don't want it 'nana / don't want it a-wa"  - rejection of pants, banana, water

She adds adjectives to nouns now - blue shirt, pink pants, yucky a-wa [the standing water in the abandoned baby pool in the backyard].

This month we've been reading Zooborns every night before bed and practicing the word aardvark, because it's fun to say [R Bark].


After about a week of reading it, I paused at the end of Hello, I'm Amani, and I'm an ____  and she supplied R BARK! It was the first time she filled in a sentence and now she's doing the same with the other books in heavy rotation now:


This weekend we were in the bathroom getting ready to go out for the day and she kept gesturing and saying something I couldn't decipher. I picked her up and she reached into my open makeup bag in the large cabinet and pulled out a tube of sunscreen. She insisted I put some on her face, then on my face. My heart swelled. It is so wonderful to see your neuroses rubbing off.

Her favorite foods are yogurt, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, macaroni and cheese... Also bananas, always bananas. She enjoys peeling them and plucking off the bitter-tasting end - 'YUCKY.'

When we arrive home, Luke usually takes C around the corner to count the cats in the yard of a neighboring house ("Want to see the cats?") or she plays in the car (MY SEAT!).

C spends a lot of time putting her animals and baby 'night-night' - they are often found prostrate throughout the house, covered by whatever hand towel, dish rag, or burp cloth she can find.

Some photos:

two little teeth!

New skill: taking off zippered pajamas.

Oh I wish this were in focus!


Putting on the pajamas, not so adroit.

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  1. Love these girls! And Josie's teeth are so sweet!