Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's Making Me Happy

// Brown butter blondies!!! These were scrumptious and one of the best desserts I've ever made. Bonus points for using only generally on-hand pantry staples. I followed the Buzzfeed guide to browning butter because I've never done it successfully before.

// Started listening to Invisibilia. Liking it but it's no Serial!

// My cousin Jack's blog is some great writing. What can I say, my family is brilliant.

// I follow the blog Un-fancy for unknown reasons - her minimalist wardrobe is fine but unless your life consists of going to Target and brunch, there's not much else there. And I don't think it's even close to difficult to work within the confines of a 33 item wardrobe. But I wear like six things and I'm a hater. Anyhoo I really loved her guest blogger Jaana's Stages of Closet Purging especially Stage 2:

Stage 2 – Guilt: Look at all this money down the drain.  Piles of clothes just waiting to be sent off.  How can I live with myself?  I worked so hard to buy all this stuff and here I go, just giving it away.  I’m a monster.  A fashion monster.
And Caroline's observations about compulsive shopping:

You want to change your life? You need to buy something for that.
For example, last week:
I wished I was better about working out. So I wanted to buy cute workout clothes.
… Instead of just getting up right then and going for a jog around the neighborhood. Which would have been real progress — and free.
And I wished I was more outdoorsy and adventurous. So I wanted to buy a camper and renovate it with a modern, minimal, all white and wood interior.
… Instead of just getting up right then, bundling up, and hiking around a new park. Again, real progress — also free.
And I wished I was a better friend — AKA I wanted to be someone who brought people together and hosted fun gatherings. So I wanted buy a welcoming home out in the country.
… Instead of just inviting a few friends over to our apartment to watch Downton Abbey. Progress — free — you get the idea.

Tomorrow we have a House of Cards date! This weekend I plan on making the Pioneer Woman's burgundy mushrooms because we suddenly remembered how good they are (calls for a quart of red wine, can't be bad) and serving over egg noodles. And maybe another pan of brown butter blondies...

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  1. I feel like I should be doing a capsule wardrobe because I wear four different pieces every single day, but none of those bloggers ever feature yoga pants and Auburn teeshirts. What's up with that?