Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Arrives

Our weekend in pictures.

Luke was performing out of town Friday and in an outlying town Saturday; the girls and I hunkered down for rain that wasn't as bad as expected. I caught up on some magazines (did you know George Lucas' wife is a rags to riches fairy tale by the sheer power of her will (and extraordinary talent)?), made and froze some brown butter blondies, perused recipes in One Pot, a book I bought after Jackie's enthusiastic endorsement, and culled clothes based on the Un-Fancy algorithm (more on Hot Weather capsule wardrobe later, probably in the late summer at this rate):

The Pearl Farmers' Market expanded to Sunday. C and I checked it out after having brunch at Central Market, shopping for the week, and exacting our banana tax. [A terrible parent, I snap off a banana at her insistence and let her eat it in the cart. The cashiers never charge me the 19 cents, even though I insist].

Here she is running amok and a-muck in a grassy square in the center of the Pearl complex.

Blueberry danish from Sol y Luna Baking Company in the newly opened plaza.

Pearl is one of my favorite places in San Antonio because it's one of a few foot-traffic-only (on the weekend) spots in the city.

Foot pop.

Checking on Josie.

That afternoon I made the first One Pot dish, broiled ribeye with celery root and carrots. I had to google image search 'celery root' at the store:

Spoiler alert! It's celery with the root. Spoiler alert 2! It tastes like celery.

The ribeye was fantastic and the very first time I have successfully cooked steak at home. Broiling, who knew?

Other One Pot dishes: the no-churn coffee chocolate chip ice cream was delicious, quick to make and light and airy; pressure cooker kale and white bean soup was okay (Luke: "Is this just beans in water?") It was just beans in water because I didn't have any stock or vegetable Better Than Bouillon like I thought. The wilted kale + lemon juice brought to mind this fantastic appetizer at a restaurant near my parents' home -- fried spinach with squeezed lemon -- so I will make this again with stock. I have several other recipes bookmarked; One Pot and its spirit sister Sheet Pan Suppers are exactly how I like to cook these days.

Obligatory Target run: in addition to the item I allegedly went there for, I bought several seed packets to grow basil, cilantro, and peppers. Rekindled interest in Tower Garden. Or should I get raised beds? Or accept that my dedication is too sporadic to keep even a container garden going? Very inspired by SATX photog and blogger Amanda's patio garden.

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