Thursday, May 21, 2015

The DoSeum

Yesterday I got a sneak peak of San Antonio's brand new children's museum The DoSeum with a group of SA mom bloggers.


The DoSeum has a focus on STEM exhibits (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with emphasis also on arts and literacy. I cannot wait to bring the girls here, especially to the outdoor and Little Town areas appropriate for them. I took a bunch of photos (below) but they don't give any sense of the scale of the DoSeum (it's enormous) or the attention to detail or inventiveness or the child-focus without being juvenile/fawning/dumbed-down/infantilizing. If you're a parent in SA, you're very lucky and if you're visiting with kids this is a must-do. The grand opening is June 6 and memberships are discounted until May 31.

Outdoor sand-moving, sand-building area

Little Town for kids under 5.

Wind tunnel.

Spy Academy.

Light and sound exhibit. Not sure what this is but it is beautiful.

Story area.

Engineering studio.

Geography area.

Room o' balls.

Stillness of a place before the crowds hit.

Outdoor area -- water table. (Or, why I need to pack at least one change of clothes per kid).

Climbing apparatus

It's beautiful, it's state of the art, and it's 3.6 miles from my house! And a straight shot down Broadway on the bus for 14 minutes and $1.20 -- I'm trying to see less of my car this summer.

See you soon, DoSeum!

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  1. It was great seeing you again. What an incredible place The DoSeum is! Hope to run into you there this summer. :)