Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest -- wowza! The world is amazing.

// Chef's Table. I watched all the episodes this weekend. The cinematography is gorgeous - of landscapes and food - and the chef interviews truly moving. This documentary made me feel and made me think - about being mindful and respectful of food, life choices, passion, apathy, turning points. A LOT OF FEELS, people! Please watch so we can discuss. The preoccupation with failure and rock-bottom points, the stuff of drama, I suppose, was fascinating. It's been a long time since I felt so enriched by a cinematic experience.

So I did what I normally did when I think/feel about something, I bought something! Two PlanetBox lunch boxes for the girls for their new daycare where we are responsible for packing lunch and snacks. Chef's Table made me consider how important the simple act of packing nutritious, delicious food is -- an act of mindfulness and of love. [panda face sandwiches will not be happening, however]

Chef's Table features Evan Kleiman in one episode and out of curiosity I found her show and have devoured several episodes. Even though it focuses on the LA food scene, the show uses food as a lens to examine social, cultural, and political events. I love it.

// Whole Earth Provision Company is a nearby store and when I went in this weekend to find water shoes for C for our upcoming trips (forecast: pooltime with a side of cutcakes) I thought, I should really shop here more often! They have a huge selection of the crunchtastic clothes and shoes I like - Patagonia, Dansko - and an enormous selection of toys, kid gifts, etc. Also outdoor gear but in the words of my father, my idea of the outdoors is 'rolling down the window on the way to the mall' so I don't need to wander to that part of the store. I'll stay with the clogs.

// McConnell's ice cream IS THE BEST. Better than Ben & Jerry's and we did a side by side taste test. Fave so far: sea salt cookies and cream. It's also $7.50 a pint...but check out this ingredient list. Real stuff. Real good.

// Austin Eastciders very cold, sipped while making dinner.

// Habbot and Matt Bernson - all of 'em, please.

// Despite the ice cream, the cider, the binge-watching of Netflix, my weight-watchering is working! Obviously I need to sit around eating and drinking artisanal products more. And I will.

// Planning at least two dates with the man of the house in June, NOT COUNTING seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson!!!

NdGT prayer candle via Etsy

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